The Great Crusades

Rock from Chicago

Until the Night Turned to Day Tour 2017

Posted by on May 22, 2017

Official tour dates for The Great Crusades. New album on Blue Rose Records (June 9 – Europe) and Mud Records (June 30 – North America) 15.06 Thursday Arnstadt, Germany Kulisse 16.06 Friday Wesel, Germany EselRock Festival 17.06 Saturday Norderstedt, Germany Music Star 18.06 Sunday Bochum, Germany Trompete 19.06 Monday Wesel, Germany JZ Karo 20.06 Tuesday Höxter, Germany Tonenburg 21.06 Wednesday Gräfenthal, Germany “Meernacher Str.” 22.06 Thursday Ravensburg, Germany Balthe’s 23.06 Friday Langenau, Germany Kapilio 24.06 Saturday Stuttgart, Germany Laboratorium 25.06 Sunday Heilbronn, Germany Red River 30.06 Friday Chicago, Illinois USA...

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Not Afraid to Bite Tour Diary 2015

Posted by on Apr 13, 2015

Rain, Rain, Snow, More Rain, and Lots of Fun The rainy, rainy (and snowy) weather couldn’t stop us. Here are some memories from the “Not Afraid to Bite” tour. March 27 Moers, Germany – JZ Henri After being greeted by our two-day tour manager Hannah, we were treated to a great homemade lasagna dinner at JZ Henri and got to see our great friends Simon and Christopher at this youth club venue—which was filled with nice, helpful people. Two bottles of scotch awaited us in the backstage room, compliments of JZ Karo’s Mathias Schüller, whose new album features a bit of singing by yours truly. Boy Cries Wolf opened the show and our show featured the talents of Lukas Schlattmann (aka Radio Lukas), who joined us for a cover of “Purple Rain” to end the night. The show also featured our friend Barbara as the first appearance of the “human music stand” for our cover of Die Toten Hosen’s “Here Comes Alex.” Accommodations were at the highly recommended Hotel Moers Van der Valk. The end of the night featured some lovely stories and scotch around the fireplace in the lobby. March 28 Bonn, Germany – Harmonie – Rockpalast Crossroads Festival After a lovely brunch at the Van der Valk, Hannah whisked us away to the big city of Bonn. The boys were very excited to become one of only two bands to appear more than once on Crossroads/Rockpalast since its inception. We played Crossroads in 2003 at Harmonie as well. Fast forward 12 years! We were greeted by the Rockpalast crew and said hello once again to our friend Peter Weber—and our longtime tour manager and best friend Carsten. Then, after a beer and some snacks we were shown to the “dungeon” interview room, where we were interviewed by our dear friend Rembert Stiewe, one of the first persons we met in Germany—in 1999—and one of the main persons responsible for the longevity of our musical career. An acoustic performance by Leach and me followed and then it was on to what Tom Petty once referred to as “the hardest part”—the waiting. Luckily, great food and beverages were provided as well as the chance to meet the kickass band Hayseed Dixie. It’s funny that sharing a backstage area with another band can be one of the best parts of a gig—if the bands get along. And we did nicely—and...

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